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NEW  April 2007  NEW

Google Search function added to "A Classification of American Wealth"

Following many requests to introduce a search function on the American Wealth web site, we have added a Google Search box in the footer of most AW pages. You can search the Web or limit your search to the www.raken.com
(ie American Wealth) web site.

Please note that Google Search can only screen the content available to the general public. All text pages, individual and family profiles will thus be found but the ranking may not be the most accurate in relation to the overall content of these pages (ie the part reserved to members).

The wealth classification lists will not appear in the listings for search queries on specific individuals or families (names), as the latter are in all but two cases reserved to subscribers.

Logged members can find the relevant pages with Google Search and will get full access when clicking on the links in the search result page.

Please note that Google Search applies to the whole of the www.raken.com
web site. Thus, unspecific search queries (eg "iron industry") may produce links from other parts of the RAKEN domain than "A Classification of American Wealth".  Name queries (eg "Cornelius Vanderbilt") will produce more targeted results.

Also, Google advertisements will appear in the top and bottom section of certain search result pages. Again, the less specific search queries will yield the most unspecific adds. Name queries generally produce no advertisements.

The Google Search function is introduced on an experimental basis and may be removed if necessary. As with other links, the author and RAKEN Services do not endorse search result links or advertisements, nor take any responsibility for the content of the underlying pages. Safe Search has been defined by default to assure reasonable results for "Web" searches.

To further enhance your research at Encyclopedia of American Wealth, the following features have been added to our lists and profiles :

Individual lists  
- [Tree] function : you now have the possibility to load a genealogical tree of the descendants of our wealthy individuals. Wherever such information exists in the AW database, a link of the format
[Tree] appears at the side of the individual's name.
By clicking on this link you can view a genealogical tree with the descendents of the concerned individual.
Please note that this feature is intended to give our members a deeper insight to the available data of our encyclopedia section. The data is not necessarily complete nor 100% accurate and generally focuses on the main lines of descendents.
At the present stage, this important new feature releases 567 genealogical trees. More will follow automatically, whenever the AW database is updated.

Family lists 
- Detailed list of members : In the Family lists, you now have the possibility to view the individuals whose fortunes have been aggregated into the family fortune. Just click on the number in the column entitled “Nbr” and you get the relevant extract of the Individuals list corresponding to the concerned family and year.

Family profiles
- Bibliography : You will now find bibliographical information in our family profiles as well as in our individual profiles (where this function was already included for some time)
- Links : the same way, you will find links to other interesting web resources in our family profiles, as well as in our individual profiles.
Note : Both bibliographical and link information in our database is not yet complete. new information will appear with each future database update.

Political lists
- [
February 2006] For individuals with existing partial profiles, links now also appear in the lists of wealthy American politicians. Until now, only links to full profiles appeared in these lists. Partial profiles include all information of full profiles except for the biographical sketch and are increasingly featured for people who are already well documented in other sources on the web. Links to the most important of such sources are included in these profiles.

More new features are under preparation and will be made available soon at "Encyclopedia of American Wealth". 


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