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  Chronicles of American Wealth / Nr 17 / June 4, 2004

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Content :
1 – Update of Chapter 10 : “ Jewish banking houses in America “
2 – Updated Wealth Classification Lists : 1875 / 1900 / 1925


Update of Chapter 10 : “Jewish banking houses in America“

" The concept of banking is invariably associated with the Jewish people, which seemed to have a particular proficiency for finance and money lending. Conspiracy theories putting the wealthy Jewish bankers, most prominent among them the Rothschild family, at the center of an evil scheme to enslave the peoples of this Earth under their financial control, abound and historically supported the ascendence of extremist nationalist and anti-Semitic sentiment.

Whether such Jewish and Masonic conspiracies existed during the Gilded Age, in the wake of the First World or are still looming in present day's America, is not a subject of this work and shall not be discussed in this chapter. But the undeniable propensity of Jewish people to choose banking as their profession and their success at it, is. The rise of Jewish banking houses in America during the Gilded Age thus deserves our full attention.

... continued as a new part of Chapter 10 – Bankers of the Gilded Age

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Updated Wealth Classification Lists : 

Individuals  1875 / 1900 / 1925
1875 / 1900 / 1925



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