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  Chronicles of American Wealth / Nr 18 / July  4, 2004

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Content :
1 – New historical list : “The Signers’ of the Declaration of Independence Wealth (1776)
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A new historical list :
" The Signers’ of the Declaration of Independence Wealth "

If Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Paul Allen, the Waltons of Wal Mart, Larry Ellison and Michael Dell met, …would you expect them to plan a revolution ?

“Thomas Morris of Willing & Morris (Philadelphia); John Hancock of Boston; Francis Lewis of New York; Philip Livingston of New York; George Clymer of Merediths & Clymer (Philadelphia); Elbridge Gerry of Marblehead (Massachusetts); Joseph Hewes of Edenton (North Carolina); William Whipple of J. & W. Whipple & Co (Portsmouth, New Hampshire) … sounds more like a roster of the leading Colonial American merchants than like a group of revolutionaries about to risk their lives, fortunes and honor to get free from an oppressive colonial power.


Charles Carroll of Carrolton (Maryland); Nelson Morris of Yorktown (Virginia); Lewis Morris III, Lord of the Manor of Morrisania (New York); Benjamin Harrison of Berkeley (Virginia); Carter Braxton of Chericoke and Elsing Green (Virginia); Thomas Jefferson of Shadwell (Virginia); Arthur Middleton of Middleton Place (Charleston, South Carolina); Richard Henry Lee of Chantilly (Westmoreland County, Virginia) … could well be a representative sample of Colonial America’s largest landowners.

Yet these men were prominent among the 56 continental congressmen who by their vote on July 4, 1776 and through their signature on August 2nd of the same year, adopted and ratified the Declaration of Independence, the emancipation act which effectively signalled the American Revolution. By doing so, they not only laid the foundation for the United States of America, but they also pledged all they had to their revolutionary cause

... continued as Comments to our new historical list: 
"The Signers of the Declaration of Independence – Wealth"

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Announcement - In preparation at “A Classification of American Wealth” :
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