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   Haroldson Lafayette Hunt and Hassie

Page entitled : H. L. Hunt and Hassie the lost son

Content of this page is about :
How H. L. Hunt's eldest son Hassie, gifted son and brilliant oilman, went insane to his father's deep despair 

Extract :
Hassie Hunt, (he had legally altered his name), was a brilliant oilman. Some say he had a sixth sense for finding oil as he ventured on his own and at age twenty-one was counted among the largest independent oil producers in the world. This may have been a misinterpretation taking the son for the father, but Hassie did succeed as a wildcatter and regularly beat his father finding oil, notably in Louisiana and Mississippi. Despite some resent over such greater luck or ability, the father readily entrusted his gifted son with delicate missions for Hunt Oil Company, notably  ...


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