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 Livingston Family

 Robert Livingston "1st Lord of the Manor" ( 1654-1728 ) of Livingston Manor, Albany, New York

 Parents :  John Livingstone and  Janet Fleming
 Married :  Alida (Schuyler) Van Rensselaer (1656-1727)
 Children :     Johannes Livingston (1680-1720)
    Margaret (Livingston) Vetch (1681-1758)
    Philip Livingston 2nd Lord of the Manor (1686-1749)
    Robert Livingston of Clermont (1688-1775)
    Gilbert Livingston (1690-1746)
    Johanna (Livingston) Van Horne (1694-1735)

 Fortune :
  22,800     £


  13,800     £


 Activity : Manor Lord
 Main property : Livingston Manor 160'000 acres in later Dutchess and Columbia counties New York
 Other activities : merchant

Biographical sketch :

Scottish born and Dutch educated pioneer fur trader and Secretary of Indian Affairs in Albany, New York. He acquired land and was granted manorial rights for his Livingston Manor in 1686, a 160'000 acres property in nowadays Dutchess and Columbia counties. He married Alida (Schuyler) Van Rensselaer, daughter of Philip Pieterse Schuyler and widow of “Dominie” Nicholas Van Rensselaer, a younger brother of patroon Jeremias Van Rensselaer. To ascertain his wealth and social position, Robert Livingston held numerous public offices, including town clerk and rent collector of Albany, as well as eight terms in the New York Provincial Assembly of which he was a Speaker for eight years. Livingston descendents became the probably most prominent family of Colonial New York.

Books :

 Livingstons of Livingston Manor 
Author        : E.B. Livingston
 Publisher    :
Higginson Book Co, 1989

 Biographical Dictionary of American Business Leaders (4 volumes) 
Author        : John N. Ingham
 Publisher    :
Greenwood Press, 1983

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 Robert Livingston and the Politics of Colonial New York, 1654-1728 
Author        : Lawrence H. Leder
 Publisher    :
University of North Carolina Press, 1961

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