A Classification of American Wealth
History and genealogy of the wealthy families of America - Sponsors

 Part 1 : Colonial and Mercantile America  Part 2 : America in the Gilded Age
 Part 3 : America in the Twentieth Century  Encyclopedia of American Wealth

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Part 1 : Colonial and Mercantile America

Chapter 1 : Patroons and Manor Lords
The Van Rensselaers - mighty patroons of Rensselaerswyck
The Livingston family - manor lords, economic factors and statesmen
                      Other manor lords and related families
The Morrises of Morrisania

Chapter 2 : A Southern Aristocracy of Planters
The settlement of Virginia and the emergence of a planter aristocracy
                       Nathaniel Bacon's rebellion

The Randolph family - Virginia Burgesses and American Statesmen
The Carters of Corotoman - richest dynasty of Virginia
Plantation owners and presidents
The Lees of Virginia -  American Patriots and Soldiers of the Old South
                       Other dynasties of planters and politicians

Chapter 3 : Shipping merchants
                      Brahmin families from Salem to Boston
The China traders / J & T.H. Perkins & Co
Merchants of New York City

Chapter 4 : The Landlords of New York
                      The Astors
The Goelets

Chapter 5 : Bankers I -  Bankers of the Early Republic

Chapter 6 : Early Industrialists
                      Introduction of the textile mills
Iron foundries and metal traders
Firearms and ammunition

A Classification of American Wealth >Introduction and Index : Previous 1- 2- 3 Next

Patroons and Manor Lords

Planter  Aristocrats

Shipping Merchants

The Landlords of New YorkCity

Bankers I

Early American Industrialists


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