A Classification of American Wealth
History and genealogy of the wealthy families of America - Sponsors

 Part 1 : Colonial and Mercantile America  Part 2 : America in the Gilded Age
 Part 3 : America in the Twentieth Century  Encyclopedia of American Wealth

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Part 2 : America in the Gilded Age

Chapter 7 : The Mining Bonanza Kings    ( 3 pages - free )
The California Gold Rush – placer mining on the mother lode
                      The Silver Kings of Nevada’s Comstock Lode
      Mining fortunes in Arizona, Colorado, Utah, the Dakotas and Montana

Chapter 8 : Railroad barons
                      First consolidation : the New York Central
The Vanderbilt dynasty
                       Jay Gould : “Mephistopheles of Wall Street”
The Transcontinental railroad
                      Harriman and  Hill : giants of the West
                      Other railroad barons

Chapter 9 : Merchant princes
                      A.T.Stewart and the first large department store in New York
                      The Wanamakers of Philadelphia
                      Marshall Field in Chicago
                      Woolworth’s five and ten cent empire
                      Sears and Montgomery Ward - inventing mail order merchandising
                       Jewish merchant dynasties in America

Chapter 10 : Bankers II -  banking dynasties of the Gilded Age
Jay Cooke
                       The House of Morgan
Jewish banking dynasties in America
                       Succession at the City Bank
                       Baker and the First National
                       The Mellons of Pittsburgh

Chapter 11 : Building the industrial trusts
                       John Davison Rockefeller and his associates in Standard Oil
The Dukes of American Tobacco
                       The Havemeyers and American Sugar Refining
                       The Guggenheims in metals and mining
                       Other industrial trusts and their founders

Chapter 12 : Utility Tycoons
                       The Western Union Telegraph Company
                       Bell and the Telephone Trust
                       The Street Railway Syndicate
                       Public Lighting, gas works and electricity


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The Mining Bonanza Kings

The Railroad Barons

The Trusts



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