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   Field, Palmer and Leiter

Page entitled : Marshall Field's early years in Chicago

Content of this page is about :
Of Marshall Field's youth, apprenticeship in Pittsfield, move to Chicago and work at Cooley, Farwell, Wadsworth & Company and acquaintance with Levi Z. Leiter.

Extract :
a lot in relation to his salary in those days, but not enough to start a business in Chicago, which in 1855 was rapidly becoming the main railroad hub of the Middle West. He consequently sought a job as a clerk and thanks to a letter of credential from his former employer, ‘Deacon’ Davis, as well as the introduction through his brother Joseph, he found one at Cooley, Farwell, Wadsworth & Company’s, then Chicago’s biggest wholesale dry goods concern. Francis B. Cooley was a demanding boss, who hired only the best prospects, but Charles B. Farwell was the husband of a former Pittsfield  ...


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