A Classification of American Wealth
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    The Consolidated Virginia and California mines  

From 1859 to 1871, the two richest mines on the Comstock were the Ophir, where the first gold was found and the Gould & Curry. Together, these two mines had produced more than $ 20 million. George Hearst had been an early investor in both properties and William Sharon controlled the Gould & Curry and sought control of the Ophir. Between these two mines and just yards beyond the Hale & Norcross lay an amalgamation of claims, representing 1310 feet made up by six mines, the Central (150 feet), the California (300 feet), the Central Nr 2 (100 feet), the Kinney (50 feet), the White & Murphy (210 feet) and the ...


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The Mining Bonanza Kings

The Railroad Barons

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