A Classification of American Wealth
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About "A Classification of American Wealth"

"A Classification of American Wealth" is an online book being presently written by D. C. Shouter (pseudonym) who has been studying the subject of wealth accumulation and society in America for many years. This web site is the first and main medium for the works' publication. The organization as a web site also allows the gathering and sharing of bibliographical information and relevant links, as well as the possibility to exchange information on an interactive basis (forum discussion, etc). These features will gradually be included in the web site. Existing pages and chapters will also be updated from time to time as the author gains more insight into the subject. 

The index on the homepage is a rough guideline of the chapters to be included in the work. There may be additional chapters and different sub-chapters and titles. The index will be updated with links to the active chapters, as they appear online. Each chapter has an introduction, which also includes an index of pages and active links to these pages. The pictures on the right side contain links to the active chapters. The sitemap gives the most accurate insight into the present content of the website.

Encyclopedia of American Wealth is a dynamic module using a database to display wealth classification lists as well as profiles for individuals and families. As with the text parts of A Classification of American Wealth, Encyclopedia of American Wealth is continuously being extended and updated. 

Copyright and property notice

Although the historic and genealogical information contained herein is essentially part of the public domain, the aggregation of this information in texts and databases,  the texts and graphics as well as the general presentation of "A Classification of American Wealth" and "Encyclopedia of American Wealth" are the sole property of the author and protected by US and International copyright laws. All rights are reserved.

Gathering information , bibliographies and links

We are continuously gathering information about the subject and are thankful to any information you give us as to people who should be added in our lists or covered in a specific chapter. We are also gathering bibliographical information and links that may be included in our pages. If you would like to contribute such information, please feel free to write us on
american.wealth@raken.com The author of A Classification of American Wealth will check all information and decide whether and where to include it. Please understand, that by supplying information or other contributions, you authorize their use in this work without any remuneration.

american.wealth@raken.com welcomes any links that are relevant to the general subject of the website or the specific chapters or pages already online. If you would like to propose such links, please submit them on our e-mail address. We will only take into account links relevant to the subject of our web site. Please do not flood us with unrelated or commercial messages.

Note : Because of the large numbers, bibliographical informations and links are displayed at the most relevant level for our users (eg specific profiles or chapters). In the general pages, the most recent entries (ie publishing date for books) are listed first. While considering them useful, the author and RAKEN Services do not particularly  endorse links nor take any responsibility for the content on the linked pages.

Please feel free to link to : 
www.raken.com and www.raken.com/american_wealth/index.asp from your website or private web pages. 

For these links, please use the textlink  "A Classification of American Wealth" or  the American Wealth graphic button below.

The author thanks you for your interest and for any information you may send him.

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