A Classification of American Wealth
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 Part 1 : Colonial and Mercantile America  Part 2 : America in the Gilded Age
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   The George Washington estate  

When he died in 1799, George Washington left an estate he valued at 530'000 $, a huge amount at this time. The biggest part of the estate was land in Virginia (some 23'000 acres including the 8'000 acres Mount Vernon), in Kentucky (5'000 acres), Maryland, New York and the Northwest Territory. He also owned stocks in corporations such as the Bank of Alexandria and the Potomac Company, valued at over 25'000 $, as well as a large number of cattle and hundreds of slaves. In his will, a 42 page document, he essentially left his wife Martha the primary beneficiary of his estate for which she received a lifetime interest. As subsequent heirs, he instituted members of his family, including


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