A Classification of American Wealth
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 Part 1 : Colonial and Mercantile America  Part 2 : America in the Gilded Age
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   Of Richard Randolph of Curles Neck and John Randolph of Tazewell Hall  

… inherited Curles Neck plantation and married Jane Bolling. They had eight children, four sons and four daughters. Numerous children in the 4th generation made this branch of the Randolph family prolific but not as prominent as other branches, with less distinguished statesmen, soldiers or businessmen. Curles Neck Randolphs and their descendants married Meades from New York, Blands, Carys, Walkes, Bollings, a Harrison, Beverleys and of course other Randolphs, but the blood, as blue as it may have been, started to run thinner in the veins of these Southern aristocrats as the decline of the family began…


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