A Classification of American Wealth
History and genealogy of the wealthy families of America - Sponsors

 Part 1 : Colonial and Mercantile America  Part 2 : America in the Gilded Age
 Part 3 : America in the Twentieth Century  Encyclopedia of American Wealth

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   Boston merchant dynasties - the Faneuils  

Boston was created in 1630, when a colony of settlers from the Massachusetts Bay Company moved from what is now Charlestown to the place the Indians called Shawmut, on invitation of Reverend William Blaxton, who had settled there as early as 1625. The Puritan spirit that dominated these settlers, most of whom came from Lincolnshire in England, called for an agricultural society. But the soil of New England would not permit it and it was soon evident that the future of the colony rested with the seafarers and fishermen. Boston would eventually take the lead in New England, both socially


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