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 United States Steel Corporation

Page entitled : U. S. Steel managment and board of directors

Content of this page is about :
The sheer size of the United States Steel Corporation, its top managers and members of the first board of directors, as well as the most prominent exclusions

Extract :
...  no less than four (J. Pierpont Morgan, George W. Perkins, Robert Bacon and Charles Steele) were partners of J. P. Morgan & Co. The chairman, ‘Judge’ Elbert H. Gary was the former president of Morgan’s Federal Steel Company. Francis H. Peabody and Nathaniel Thayer jr, both essentially financiers, were also closely allied with Morgan. John D. Rockefeller, his son and Henry H. Rogers were large shareholders but also gave the corporation a sort of Standard Oil representation. Large capitalists with no direct relation to the steel industry included Marshall Field and  ...


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