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   The Elkins - Widener family from Philadelphia

Page entitled : Josephine "Fifi" Pancoast Widener

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Of Fifi Pancoast Widener and the affront at the Philadelphia Assembly ball

Extract :
Josephine “Fifi” Pancoast Widener, born in 1902 to Joseph E. Widener and Eleanor Holmes “Ella” Pancoast, was the main actress in a scene where the Widener family was socially humiliated by the Old Guard of Philadelphia. Because of his origins and his longtime activity as a butcher, Peter A. B. Widener was never accepted in the inner circle of Philadelphia’s high society, despite his large fortune, his regal mansion and his extensive art collection. A practically minded businessman, Widener did not care too much, being more interested in his investments and the art collection.  ...


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