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   Enron : Climax of executive greed and deception 

Page entitled : Enron's collapse and bankruptcy

Content of this page is about :
How Enron collapsed after the revenge of the Raptors, causing deep losses to employees and investors, while the top managers tried to escape unscathed, in vain.

Extract :
...  In a move curiously similar to the cajoling of the investment bankers who are largely responsible for the present financial crisis, Enron paid performance and retention bonuses ranging from $200’000 to $8 million to executives and traders, a total cash outlay of $310 million for 144 “key” employees who had already cashed in stock options worth $312 million in 2001 . Rank of file employees were dismissed with a severance check of $4500, while their (401k) life savings, which had mostly been invested in Enron stock,  ...



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