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   Enron : Climax of executive greed and deception 

Page entitled : Other brilliant minds at Enron - John Wing, Rebecca Mark and Rich Kinder

Content of this page is about :
How Jeff Skilling cashed in on mark-to-market accounting, while dealmakers John Wing and Rebecca Mark launched Enron on big power deals and Rich Kinder kept all under control.

Extract :
... John Wing, who worked under a lucrative consultancy contract, received a $11 million bonus from Enron for his services.

Wing’s successor and former lover, Rebecca Mark, one of Enron’s most controversial top executives, later pushed the corporation into an even larger deal : the 2.8 billion/ 2015 megawatt Dabhol power plant in India. For various reasons, Dabhol was never finished by Enron and eventually resulted in a huge [$900 million] loss, ...


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