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   Why CEOs are overpaid    

Page entitled : CEOs cashing in economic rents thanks to their celebrity status

Content of this page is about :
How celebrity status allows CEOs to cash in economic rents corporations pay because of the wrong assumption that executive pay does not weigh on large companies' results.

Extract :
... well deserved honors bestowed on America’s most admired top executives, like GE’s Jack Welch and IBM’s turnaround champion Lou Gerstner, CEOs have become the heroes of the new economy ,as Americans took an increasing interest in stocks and corporations during the 1990s. Many CEOs, particularly those of the larger corporations, took pleasure in being in the limelight and understood how to cultivate their celebrity status and eventually how to make it pay  ...

... following table compares the total compensation of five excessively well paid CEOs with the net incomes of their employing corporations in the same fiscal years


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