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  The fourth generation and the decline of Kuhn, Loeb & Company

Page entitled : Kuhn-Loeb fourth generation and decline

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How Paul Warburg stayed outside Kuhn-Loeb and organized the International Acceptance Bank, while the fourth generation of Kahns, Schiffs and Warburgs took over

Extract :
Paul Warburg did not rejoin Kuhn, Loeb & Company after his resignation from the Federal Reserve Board and the firm started to admit non-family members as partners. Jerome J. Hanauer became the first employee to be offered a partnership. In 1929 three more non-family members were made partners : George W. Bovenizer, who like Hanauer had joined the firm as an office boy, Lewis L. Strauss, Hanauer's son-in-law and 'Sir' William Wiseman, a former head of the British Intelligence in the Western Hemisphere and good friend of Otto Kahn. In 1931, the old generation of Kuhn-Loeb dynasty members was replaced by the admittance of their sons : John Mortimer Schiff, Frederic Marcus Warburg and Gilbert Wolff Kahn.    ...


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