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Encyclopaedia of American Wealth                                         [ New Features ]

Encyclopedia of American Wealth is the dynamic module of A Classification of American Wealth which allows you to search and analyze the history and genealogy of the wealthy families of America in a structured way, according your needs and interests.

In this section you will find wealth classification lists for the different periods covered by A Classification of American Wealth as well as profiles, both for individuals and families, with the possibility to order  the information according to several criteria.

Lists of Individuals :
The basic lists of wealth classification used in this work concern the wealthy individuals and contain their names, age, residence, activity and source of wealth as well as estimated fortune at the time of listing. The lists can be displayed according the different keys in the headers :

    Wealth Classification /  Individuals : 1975 NEW
Wealth Classification /  Individuals : 1950
    Wealth Classification /  Individuals : 1925
   Wealth Classification /  Individuals : 1900  
   Wealth Classification /  Individuals : 1875 
   Wealth Classification /  Individuals : 1850  

Wealth Classification /  Individuals : 1825
Wealth Classification /  Individuals : 1800
Wealth Classification /  Individuals : 1
   Wealth Classification /  Individuals : 1750
   Wealth Classification /  Individuals : 1725
   Wealth Classification /  Individuals : 1700
   Wealth Classification /  Individuals : 1

 Lists of Families :
The family lists are based on aggregation of the individual fortunes of the family members. Only significant fortunes are considered and the number of individuals included is indicated. The founder(s) are listed with respect of the inception of the family fortune. Residence information reflects main wealth holders : 
Wealth Classification / Families  : 1925
Wealth Classification / Families  : 1900
   Wealth Classification / Families  : 1875
   Wealth Classification / Families  : 1850

Note : Not all families are covered so far,  so it is possible to find related wealthy people in the "Individuals" list but no family listing for the time being.

Thematic lists :  
   CEOs  (2008)

   Oil Barons  (1949) 
   Automobile Tycoons  (1919)     
Retailers - Merchant Princes  (1910)  

   U.S. Steel Masters (1901) 
   Public Utilities Tycoons (1899)
   Railroad Tycoons (1885)
   Plantation Owners Slaveholders(1860)

  Wealthy Americans in Politics :
The following lists illustrate an aspect of the close interaction between wealth and politics, as they show the numerous rich people who pursued a political career or accepted a public office :

   Wealthy US Presidents
 Wealthy candidates to the US presidency
 Wealthy Vice Presidents of the U.S.A
 Wealthy US cabinet members
   Wealthy United States Senators   

   Wealthy US State Governors    
   more lists will follow

 Historical Lists :
As a reference, we have integrated some well known historical lists into our data, including some comments of the author :
  "America's Sixty Families (1924)"

  (inspired by Ferdinand Lundberg)

  "The Wealthiest Families of the USA (1920)" 
  (inspired by Henry H. Klein)

Wealth Classification / Forbes List : 1918
The Pujo List - Money Trust (1912)
  Detroit millionaires in 1892  
 ( Extract from the Tribune List of American Millionaires in 1892 )
Social Classification /Mrs Astor's 400 : 1891 
 Wealth Classification / Forum List : 1889
  The Rich Men of Massachusetts :  1851
 The Wealthy Citizens of New York :  1845
Virginia's wealthy One Hundred :  1782
  The Signers of the Declaration of Independence

 Profiles of wealthy Americans :

Our profiles of wealthy individuals contain information about their activities, source(s) of wealth, parents and children, fortune and a biographical sketch. The following listing of available profiles follows the surname key
   [ Ames - Cutting ]
   [ Derby - Huntington ]
   [ James - Morris ]
   [ Peabody - Yates ]

Database list of individuals : Ab . An . Ba . Bi . Br . Ca . Ci . Cu . Da . Di . Du . E - Fa . Fe . Ga . GlHa . He . Ho . I - J . K . La . Li . Ll . Ma . Me . N - O - Q . Pa . Ph . Ra . Ri . Sa . Se . St . T . U - V . Wa .Wh . X - Y - Z


 Profiles of wealthy American families :
Our profiles of wealthy families include information about founder and origin, main activity and source of wealth, a biographical sketch and a family tree, with links to individual profiles, where available.
      The  Ames  family of Boston, Massachusetts
      The  Astor  family of New York City, New York
      The  Belmont  family of New York City, New York
      The  Brown  family of Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and London, USA and England
      The  Brown-Ives  family of Providence, Rhode Island
      The  Carter  family of Lancaster county, Virginia
      The  Coleman  family of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
      The  Dodge  family of Detroit, Michigan
      The  Drexel  family of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
      The  Du Pont de Nemours  family of Wilmington, Delaware
      The  Fisher  family of Detroit, Michigan
      The  Flagler-Harkness  family of Cleveland, Ohio
      The  Ford  family of Dearborn and Grosse Pointe, Michigan
      The  Goelet  family of New York City, New York
      The  Gould  family of New York City, New York
      The  Griswold  family of New York City, New York
      The  Guggenheim  family of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
      The  Hairston  family of Henry County, Virginia
      The  Harriman  family of New York City, New York
      The  Kuhn-Loeb  family of New York City, New York
      The  Livingston  family of Livingston Manor, New York
      The  Mills  family of San Francisco, Ca. and New York City, New York
      The  Morgan  family of New York City, New York
      The  Morris  family of Morrisania, New York
      The  Payne-Whitney  family of Cleveland, Ohio and Long Island, New York
      The  Perkins  family of Boston, Massachusetts
      The  Phelps-Dodge  family of New York City, New York
      The  Philipse  family of Westchester County, New York
      The  Pratt  family of Brooklyn and Glen Cove L.I., New York
      The  Rockefeller  family of Cleveland, Ohio and New York City, New York
      The  Seligman  family of New York, London, Paris and Frankfurt,
      The  Stuyvesant  family of New York City, New York
      The  Van Rensselaer  family of Rensselaerswyck, New York
      The  Vanderbilt  family of New York City, New York

As with the text section of A Classification of American Wealth, Encyclopedia of American Wealth is being developed and put online gradually.  The content of the Encyclopedia section roughly follows the text version and is continuously updated as additional information is being processed by the author. New names in the lists and updated figures reflect the ongoing process of analysis of the subject and the elaboration of individual and family profiles goes on until every significant business leader or family will be thouroughly covered.

Note :
To access these lists and profiles (except those mentioned ), you need to be logged in with your subscriber password

Disclaimer notice from the author :
History and genealogy is by far no exact science. Specially in this case of wealth classification, where in many cases only partial and sometimes flawed data is available. The author has tried to gather as much information as possible on the individuals and families covered in this work. Information was generally cross-checked in different sources. A list of sources is contained in the General Bibliography and Links section of A Classification of American Wealth, for information and further research. It is still possible, that information contained herein is not accurate or even wrong, notably as to the estimates of individual fortunes and family estates. These estimates are based on general information available to the author, where significant details (eg the extent of debts, the precise value of specific land tracts) are generally not available. Therefore all information contained in this work must not be considered as final, but needs further research if your concern is other than simple curiosity or a general interest in the subject. This recommendation is especially directed to history students, who may use this information for their academic work.

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