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 List of Mrs Astor's original 25 patriarchs (1872/73)   

Notes :
Additions/modification in brackets made by the author (A Classification of American Wealth)
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John Jacob Astor [III]

William [Backhouse] Astor [jr]

F.G. D'Hauteville

William Butler Duncan [1830-1912]
Banker in New York (1851-75), president and later chairman of the board of the Mobile & Ohio Railroad. He supported the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the American Museum of Natural History. His son and namesake served in the Navy and was a famous yachtsman.

C. G. Goodhue

John W. Ham[m]ersley

Lewis Colford Jones[1827-1874]

[Oliver] DeLancey Kane [1816-1874]
Oliver DeLancey Kane married a grand-daughter of John Jacob Astor. He was an eager socialite and clubman and had several sons who shared his social enthusiasm.

A[rchibald] Gracie King
A son of James Gore King and Sarah Rogers Gracie. His father was a prominent shipping merchant and a partner in the banking house of Prime, Ward, Sands & Company. Archibald Gracie King pioneered the organization of the coming-out balls for young ladies, the debutantes, at Delmonico's in 1870's. The famous restaurant thereby gained much social esteem. 

Walter Langdon [jr] [1822-1894]
A grandson of the first John Jacob Astor . His father was from New Hampshire, a man of great literary acquirements.

Eugene A[ugustus] Livingston [1813-1893]

Maturin Livingston [jr] [1816-1888]
A son of Maturin Livingston, who descended from Robert "the Nephew" Livingston and married Margaret Lewis, who inherited substantial wealth trough her mother from the Clermont branch of the Livingston family. His mother was a first cousin of Margaret Rebecca (Armstrong) Astor, the mother of John Jacob Astor (III) and William Astor. His twin daughters were prominently married : Ruth became Mrs Ogen Mills and Elizabeth Mrs Cavendish-Bentinck. Ruth inherited Staatsburgh, the estate Morgan Lewis built with his Livingston inheritance and extended it to new grandeur.

[(Samuel)] Ward McAllister [1827-1895]
Gentleman and social arbiter. Born in Savanah, Georgia, Mr McAllister spent the early 1850's in San Francisco, where he was responsible for public relations in a law firm. He returned East in 1853, where he married Sarah T. Gibbons, a heiress and spent her inheritance on extensive travels to Europe. He returned to America in 1958 and settled on "Bayside Farm" at Newport, then a favorite summer resort of wealthy New Yorkers and Bostonians. There he launched his famous "fetes champetres" and entertained the summer society, gradually becoming a social arbiter. The overwhelming influx of new rich, mostly from New York, to Newport after the Civil War, gave Ward McAllister the opportunity to consolidate his position of society leader. He therefore associated his talents and experience with the wealth and pedigree of Mrs Caroline (Schermerhorn) Astor and together they ruled Newport and New York Society for a quarter century. His book "Society as I found it" and a series of statements judged misplaced, finally caused his estrangement from Mrs Astor and the patriarchs.

Royal Phelps[1809-1884]
A merchant and West India trader, partner in New York City of Maitland, Phelps & Company. A member of the New York State Legislator (1862-63), strong supporter of the Union cause, despite being a Democrat. He contributed largely to the erection of George Washington's statue in front of the sub-treasury building on Wall street. His only daughter married John Lee Carroll of Maryland.

Edwin A. Post

[Dr] Robert G. Remsen

Francis R. Rives

Lewis M[orris] Rutherfurd [1816-1892]

William C[olford] Schermerhorn [1821-1903]
A first cousin of Mrs Astor and the youngest son of wealthy Peter Schermerhorn jr.
He married Anne Cottenet and they had three daughters.

Frederick Sheldon

E. Templeton Snelling

William R. Travers[1819-1887]
A successful Wall Street operator, who grew rich during the 1870's and 1880's from his bearish attitude, notably regarding railroad stocks. He was also an able socialite, who had the wits to turn his stuttering handicap to advantage. He supported horse racing, but was critical about yachting, because it was increasingly being dominated by bankers and brokers. William Travers left a large fortune to several sons and daughters.

Alexander Van Rensselaer [1814-1878]
The youngest son of Stephen Van Rensselaer III, the last patroon of Rensselaerswyck.

George Henry Warren

Benjamin S. Welles
The father of another Benjamin Sumner Welles, the famous diplomat and Roosevelt cabinet member. 

Source : Dixon Wecter's "The Saga of American Society"
                Charles Scribner's Sons, New York 1937

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