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 Original list of Mrs Astor's guests to her ball in February 1892
as given by Mr Ward McAllister to the New York Times   

Notes :
Additions/modification in brackets made by the author (A Classification of American Wealth)
Source : Dixon Wecter's "The Saga of American Society"
                Charles Scribner's Sons, New York 1937
Does not include Mr Wecter's details about occupations and origin of wealth.

Fred[erick] H[obbes] Allen
F[rancis] R[andall] Appleton
Mrs F. R. Appleton
John Jacob Astor [IV]
William [Backhouse] Astor [jr]
Mrs William Astor
Mrs John Jacob Astor
Miss Baldwin
C. C. Baldwin
C. C. Baldwin jr
Miss Louise Baldwin
Mrs Barbey
Miss Barbey
James L[ent] Barclay
Mrs James L. Barclay
Edmund L. Baylies
Mrs Edmund L. Baylies
Miss Amy Bend
Miss Beatrice Bend
Mrs [William George] Cavendish[-] Bentinck
Miss Berryman
Miss [Mary Cunningham] Bishop
Heber [Reginald] Bishop
George S[ullivan] Bowdoin
Temple Bowdoin
Frederic Bronson
Mrs Frederic Bronson
William Harold Brown
Harold Brown
Lloyd [Stephens] Bryce
Mrs Lloyd Bryce
Edward Bulkeley
I[saac] Townsend Burden
Miss Burden
Mrs I. Townsend Burden
General' Henry E. Burnett
Mrs Henry E. Burnett
Duncan [Ewen Charles] Cameron
Miss [Catherine Nathalie] Cameron
Miss [Anne Fleming] Cameron
Sir' Roderick [William] Cameron
[Henry White] Harry Cannon
Mrs Harry Cannon
Charles Carroll
Mrs Charles Carroll
Clarence Cary
Mrs Clarence Cary
Winthrop [Astor] Chanler
Miss [Elizabeth Winthrop] Chanler
Miss [Margaret Livingston] Chanler
Miss [Alida Beekman] Chanler
Mrs Winthrop Chanler
Edward Cooper
Mrs Edward Cooper
Harry Coster
William B. Coster
Rawlins Cottenet
Miss Crosby
Colonel' J[ohn] Schuyler Crosby
James Cross
Mrs James Cross
S[tephen] Van Rensselaer Cruger
Mrs S. Van Rensselaer Cruger
Thomas [Forbes] Cushing
Miss Edith Cushing
W[illiam] Bayard Cutting
Robert L[ivingston] Cutting jr
Mrs Brockholst Cutting
F. Bayard Cutting
F[rancis] Brockholst Cutting
Mrs W. Bayard Cutting
William Cutting jr
Paul Dana
Mrs Paul Dana
George B[each] De Forest [jr]
Mrs George B. De Forest
Frederic J[ames] De Peyster
Mrs Frederic J. De Peyster
Dr Francis Delafield
Miss Delafield
Mrs Francis Delafield
Chauncey M[itchell] Depew
Mrs Chauncey M. Depew
Elisha Dyer jr
Mrs Elisha Dyer
Duncan Elliott
Mrs Duncan Elliott
Hamilton Fish jr [II]
Stuyvesant Fish
Mrs Stuyvesant Fish
Mrs Hamilton Fish jr
H. De Courcey Forbes
C. G. Francklyn
Mrs C. G. Francklyn
Theodore Frelinghuysen
J[ohn] C. Furman
Robert Goelet [III]
Ogden Goelet
Mrs Ogden Goelet
Mrs Robert Goelet
Miss Grant
Miss Greene
Alister Greene
Frank Gray Griswold
Augustus C. Gurnee
Alexander M. Hadden
John A. Hadden jr
Valentine G[ill] Hall [jr]
Miss Hall
Mrs Valentine G. Hall
Charles F[rederick] Havemeyer
Mrs Charles F. Havemeyer
Robert F. Hawkes
Peter Cooper Hewitt
Mrs Peter Cooper Hewitt
Miss Hoffman
Mrs Charles P. Hoffman
Robert Hone jr
Thomas Howard
Mrs Thomas Howard
Meredith Howland
Richard Irvin
Mrs Richard Irvin
Langdon Irving
Columbus [O'Donnell] Iselin
Isaac Iselin [II]
Mrs Columbus [O'Donnell] Iselin
Miss Jaffray
Mrs William Jaffray
Colonel' William Jay
Mrs William Jay
F[rederick] Rhinelander Jones
Mrs F[rederick] Rhinelander Jones
Miss Beatrix Jones
Shipley Jones
['Colonel'] DeLancey [Astor] Kane
Mrs DeLancey [Astor] Kane
S[amuel] Nicholson Kane
Woodbury Kane
Elizabeth Kean
Julian Kean
Mrs J. P. Kernochan
J[ames] P. Kernochan
Frederick Kernochan
Mrs Frederick Kernochan
Colonel' Lawrence Kip
Mrs Lawrence Kip
Miss Kip
Miss Knowlton
Luther Kountze
Mrs Luther Kountze
James [Franklin Doughty] Lanier [II]
Mrs James Lanier
Arthur Leary
Miss Leiter
Edward DePeyster Livingston
Miss Clarissa Livingston
Edward Livingston
Henry B. Livingston
Mrs Henry B. Livingston
Mrs Maturin Livingston [jr]
Miss Lusk
Clement March
Peter Marie
Charles H. Marshall
Mrs Charles H. Marshall
Mrs Bradley Martin
F[rederick] T[ownsend] Martin
Bradley Martin
Miss McAllister
Ward McAllister
H.W. McVickar
Mrs H.W. McVickar
Ogden Mills
Mrs Ogden Mills
Clement C. Moore [jr]
Mrs Clement C. Moore
Miss Anne [Tracy] Morgan
A[ugustus] Newbold Morris
Mrs A. Newbold Morris
Miss Eva C. Morris
R[ichard] Mortimer
Mrs R. Mortimer
Charles Munn
Mrs Frederick Nelson
Thomas Newbold
Mrs Thomas Newbold
Charles M. Oelrichs
Mrs Charles M. Oelrichs
Stephen H. Olin
James Otis
Miss Otis
James V. Parker
Francis Key Pendleton
Mrs Francis Key Pendleton
Miss Perry
Mrs William Perry
Richard Peters
J[ohn] Fred Pierson
Miss Pierson
Mrs J. Fred Pierson
Benjamin C. Porter
Mrs Benjamin C. Porter
George B[rowne] Post
Edward C. Post
Charles A. Post
Mrs Charles A. Post
Mrs George B. Post
Clarkson Potter
H.N. Potter
Mrs H.N. Potter
Julian Potter
Miss Cora Randolph
Goold H. Redmond
T[homas] J[ackson] Oakley Rhinelander
Robert Kerr Richards
S[idney] D[illon] Ripley
Mrs S. D. Ripley
James W. Ritchie
Mrs George L. Rives
George L[ockhart] Rives
Christopher [Rhinelander] Robert [jr]
Mrs Christopher Robert
H. Robins
Mrs H. Robins
Douglas Robinson jr
D. T. L. Robinson
Mrs Douglas Robinson jr
Randolph Robinson
Mrs Burke Roche
Miss Rogers
Mrs Rogers
Mrs James Roosevelt Roosevelt
James Roosevelt Roosevelt
Mrs Lewis Rutherfurd
Lewis [Morris] Rutherfurd
Miss Sands
Mrs Philip Schuyler
Philip Schuyler
Mrs E[lliott Fitch] Shepard (listed as Mrs Edward Shepard)
E[lliott Fitch] Shepard (listed as Edward Shepard)
Miss Shepard
Mrs William Watts Sherman
William Watts Sherman
Miss [Florence] Adele Sloan[e]
William D[ouglas] Sloane
Mrs William D[ouglas] Sloane
J. Clinch Smith
Byam K[erby] Stevens [jr]
Mrs Byam K. Stevens [jr]
Miss Elizabeth Stevens
Lispenard Stewart [jr]
William Rhinelander Stewart
Mrs William Rhinelander Stewart
Anson Phelps Stokes
Mrs Anson Phelps Stokes
Miss Stokes
F[rank] K[night] Sturgis
Mrs F.K Sturgis
Walter Lispenard Suydam
Mrs Walter Lispenard Suydam
E[dward] N[eufville] Tailer
Miss Tailer
Marquise de Talleyrand
Belmont Tiffany
Miss Tooker
G. Mead Tooker
Hamilton McKown Twombly
Mrs Hamilton McKown Twombly
Mrs A. Van Rensselaer
Miss Alice Van Renssealer
Miss Mabel Van Rensselaer
Mrs Cornelius Vanderbilt
Cornelius Vanderbilt [II]
George W[ashington] Vanderbilt
James [M.] Varnum
James M. Waterbury
Mrs James M. Waterbury
[Dr] W[illiam] Seward Webb
Mrs W. Seward Webb
'General' Alexander S[tewart] Webb
Alexander S. Webb [jr]
Mrs Alexander S. Webb
Miss Carrie Webb
Benjamin Welles
Mrs Benjamin Welles
W[illiam] Storrs Wells
Mrs W. Storrs Wells
'Governor' [George Peabody] Wetmore
Miss Wetmore
Mrs Wetmore
Worthington Whitehouse
Mrs William Collins Whitney
William Collins Whitney
Mrs C. A. Whittier
Miss Willing
[John Rhea] Barton Willing
Miss Georgiana L. Wilmerding
Mrs Orme Wilson
Miss Grace [Graham] Wilson
[Marshall] Orme Wilson
Richard T[hornton] Wilson jr
Miss Winthrop
F[rederick] B[ayard] Winthrop
Buchanan Winthrop
Egerton [Leigh] Winthrop
Mrs Buchanan Winthrop
J.J. Wysong
Mrs J.J. Wysong

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