A Classification of American Wealth
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Comments to a historical wealth classification list :
 The wealthy citizens of New York 1845 (inspired by Moses Yale Beach)

This is the 1845 edition of Moses Yale Beach 's "Wealthy Citizens of New York". Beach was the owner and editor of the New York Sun newspaper and an authority in the classification of wealthy New Yorkers of the Mid 19th century. As may be expected from a successful newspaper publisher, he himself made his list, although he was not at the top of it. As with our other historical lists, the 1845 list entitled "The wealthy citizens of New York" uses our common database and thus contains information that may differ or not be included in Mr Beach's original. Also, for the time being we have limited this list to individuals residing in New York (City) with fortunes of $250'000 or more, instead of Mr Beach's $100'000 cut off figure.


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