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   The Stratford Branch of the Lee family - American Patriots  

Richard Henry Lee (1732-1794), the third son, was the first of the great patriots in the Lee family. A brilliant orator, Richard Henry Lee was a justice of peace in Westmoreland and a longtime member of the House of Burgesses (1758-1775) prior to being involved in the First and Second Continental Congresses. Among his famous stands in the House of Burgesses is his strong opposition of the slave trade, which he proposed to outrule by heavy taxation. Richard Henry Lee milited against the Stamp Act and with his brothers Francis and William organized resistance in Westmoreland county against this abusive English taxation. Richard Henry was the leader of the Lee brothers who fanned and nurtured the Independence movement like few other families in Virginia. He favored the creation of the Committees of Correspondence with patriots of the other colonies, a practice which eventually led to the formation of the Continental Congresses


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