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Hedi Fenina


Born September 23rd 1942 at Hammamet Tunisia, the artist painter and sculptor, Hedi Fenina first took decoration courses at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts of Tunis from 1960-64.

With a diploma in his pocket he managed to get a scholarship for studies at the Academy of Arts at Seelborn in Germany, where he studied three more years and ended with a diploma of art and decoration.

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To satisfy his passion for graphic arts, he followed courses in drawing, painting, graphic design and photography and finished his student life in 1972 with a diploma for visual communication.

Fenina’s inspiration being boundless, he painted and created vividly during the time of his studies, and starting 1968, he exposed his works in his hometown (Hammamet), in Tunisia and throughout the World : Germany (1972), France (1976, 1978, 1994), the Caribbean (1984), Turkey (1988), India (1990), Tunis (1991), Nabeul (1992), the Netherlands and Eastern Europe.

After living abroad for thirty years, Hedi Fenina returned to Tunisia and settled in Hammamet, a source of his inspiration site of light and interior peace.

Today, Fenina creates and exhibits his works in a modest studio embedded in the walls of the Hammamet medina, the place he was born.

His paints are well in harmony with his chosen lifestyle, far from the schools and fashions, far from any theories, the painter goes on doing his works as they come. The World comes to the canvas of Fenina, with his women, his fishes, his grenadines, his barges ...

If you are lucky enough to pas by Hammamet, you will be enchanted by a visit to Fenina’s atelier-exposition, where this artist lives his passion for the Mediterranean and Arab cultures, his art to paint the Tunisian woman, his fishes and his scenes of everyday life in Hammamet, characteristic of a tiny Mediterranean city.

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