About Monster Ridge

Congratulations, you found Monster Ridge.

This web site has been set up to give you and all Monster freaks an opportunity to communicate ghost stories, reports on significant Monster events, related links on the WWW and the like to your fellow Monster freaks.

It is intended for fun and is  not in any way an invitation to worship any dark powers or the like. 

If you feel, you have an interesting contribution you would like to make to any of the covered subjects, please send this to monsters@raken.com. Our webmaster will check your stuff and publish it on our site if it fits in any of the categories and does not offend any of our basic rules for participation.  

  1. Although we will not translate any contributions, Monster Ridge is a multilingual web site. You may send contributions in any of the following languages : English, French, German. Your contributions may include pictures which need to be in numeric form (jpg or gif), not too heavy (max 10 kb/picture), limited to 4 per contribution and of course not offending in any way.

For the Monster Ridge Spider Web Council - M.R.S.W.C
LinK de Monsters - the Secretary General

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