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So you like ghost stories, or any other stories about monsters, pirates and the like. You will find some on Monster Ridge as soon as our old redactor Thorbjorn Van den Monstertales has found back to this place from the dungeons of Dread Manor where old King Archhaunt has banished him (some 800 years ago). In the meantime you may also do like count Dready, who is an avid reader of everything adventuresome, ghostly or magic. 

Have a look at the our Monster Book pages and if you like something, just follow the links through to where you can order them. They will deliver them right to your home, where you can cuddle yourself in a dark place and read them at candlelight, sweetly shivering to the phrases of these master writers of the dark. Of course you may also look for a particular title, using the search boxes in these pages.

In Dready's choice, we also included a selection of his favorite books.



Saga of the Swamp Thing    Paperback
The Swamp

Vampire Book  The Encyclopedia of the Undead    Paperback
The Witch Family   Hardcover
Dread Manor

Monster Books : Halloween  /  The Swamp  /  Transylvania  /  Dread Manor  /  Dready's Books

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