Contact spirits, ghosts and wraiths .Write an e-mail to Monster Ridge :

Count Dready about Contact spirits, ghosts and wraiths


Spirits are erring souls.
They are impossible to catch, and difficult to contact.
You may try a spiritual session.
For that go to a haunted house, 
Dread Manor will be just perfect. 
Form a circle with five friends, 
hold their hands and start a gaellic incantation,
and wait, ....
Or you may just write an e-mail 
to Monster Ridge or its contributors
at the following addresses.

Monster Ridge :
Sorry no more e-mails please !
The monsters are all busy sorting out and reading the hundred thousands of accumulated messages and figuring our what such strange words as C'alis and V'gra could mean.
Besides they are also thrilled to learn what mortgages and loans are and to cash in these hundreds of millions (whatever that means) so many people want to share with them.

If they just knew what a bank account is ...


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