Saturday, October 30, 1999 :

HALLOWEEN PARTY  at Seagull Finsternis' place

Hurrah !
Have you been to this great event
Every 30 years, on his birthday,
Seagull invites his friends to
an exceptional Halloween party.

And may the feast begin.

Here he is, our host :
Seagull Finsternis.

As he lives and feasts.
Ever since his birth,
some 900 years ago.

A family picture ?
Seagull with some of his friends.

Pale setup to a dark, a very dark

Some of the characters are quite
weird indeed.

The doctor :
Zamin Beauregard de Sasson,
or "Beau" as he likes to be called.

He's over 1000 now,
and still one of the most fearsome
creatures in the lower lands of Mist.

He was quite high that night.
What ?
You don't believe I'm feeding
on blood.

Come with me young friend...
Uuuhh !
I am the spirit of the night.

And you have an ultimate chance
to run,
or you can follow me if you still dare.
The highpriest : Pete Paternoster

Compared to the doctor,
he is a real Saint.
He likes to be called : "Father"

Some nice fellows :
Mex and Tex

They don't drink blood.
Feasting is their main concern.
If you were lucky in this particular
Halloween night,
you might have caught a glimpse
of the dancing fairies :

the wonderful Azitria and the mysterious
lady Celestine de Greyschol

Introduced by doctor Beauregard :
the Greystones .

Ironhead Leandover Greyjams
and the mysterious
Celestine de Greyschol

(thought to be none else than
princess U.D.D.A. - only initials
allowed tonight)
The vampires :  the wonderful Azitria
of the City of Sodanown

Solangela Redstorm in a very smart
pink and our dear Dr Beau.

And so it ended all that night :

the Danse Macabre.

And their voices whispered through
the night and may still be heard,
sometimes, along the darker side of

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