The New King

The Halloween 2001 votes have ended with the following results :



Aldor Van Archhaunt
Skullandbones Count Dready Zamin Beauregard 
de Sasson
Aldor Van Archhaunt
8 % 42 % 17 % 33 %

Our dear guide, Count Dready is thus the elected new King of Monster Ridge. The election is contested by Aldor Van Archaunt and Dr Zamin Beauregard de Sasson claims his right to assume regency, since in his opinion, Dready is too young to assume the Crown.

Coronation is pending, awaiting a settlement of the issue by the Monster Ridge High Council of Spirits.
More about the Candidates :

Count Dready. You know him well, our young guide of  Monster Ridge. He may be less scary than the other characters, but what a wild freak and so cute.

His promise : FREE candies for all monsters and every day a Halloween.


Zamin Beauregard 
de Sasson
or "Doctor Beau" as he likes to be called.

He feels he is the only real candidate for the job. Dready is so dreadfully young, King Khan an animal and don't even speak about skulls, bones or archhaunts.

His promise : Classic grandeur and style throughout Monster Ridge

Skullandbones in his festive attire. 
His dreadful breath is deep despair.
They say he was a pirate chieftain.
Before he met with Death.
Their union made him strong in time.
Before the bars restrained his grip. 
He has the support of The Swamp.

His promise : to wake up the undead and invade
the worlds of outer ridge.


Aldor Van Archhaunt

Aldor Van Archhaunt
The nephew of the old King Archhaunt
They once reigned upon Monster Ridge
Their tribe is well remembered,
For their blood and gore contests.

His promise : Blood will flow again in 
Monster Ridge



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