Monster events Halloween 2000  Monster events Halloween 2000


Coronation of the new King

Halloween 2002 has been chosen to be the day on which Monster Ridge will witness the coronation of the new king "Dready the First". His reign is likely to break the tradition of the great king Archaunt of the old days, when Monster Ridge was a rather dark place. Dready likes the light and joy, as do most of the other monsters who have awaited the great event for almost a year now, ...

be Dready's guest at his coronation

The New King

Monster Ridge needs a new King. There is only one problem. Excalibur is lost and there is no way the monsters will agree on who should be crowned, among four candidates. That's why they decided to leave this choice to you, that is all visitors of Monster Ridge on October 31, 2001 ( Halloween ).

See the results

Entrance to the halloween's southeren gate of Dread Manor
Southern gate of Dread Manor

What kind of Monster are you ?

Enter  the Southern gate of Dread Manor, find out what kind of monster you would be if living at Monster Ridge.

If you know of any monster events we should not miss, please tell us by e-mail to Events interesting our Monsters will be listed in these pages

October 31, 1999 : Halloween party at Seagull Finsternis'place

October 31, 2000 :


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