HALLOWEEN  2002 : Coronation of the new King

     On Halloween 2001, the popular vote of Monster Ridge visitors for the election of the new king was cast in favor oy the cute little vampire Count Dready of Transylvania fame. He received 42% of the votes. The election was contested by Aldor Van Archaunt, the nephew of the old king Archhaunt, who scored second with 33% of the votes. Aldor claims to be the only legitimate descendant. Of the great old king. The honorable Zamin Beauregard de Sasson basically accepted the results but claimed his right to excerce a regency until Dready’s coming of age. He supports his claim with his third best result of 17% of the votes and his very distant relation to Dready. The question was put before the Monster Ridge High Council of Spirits, who should have decided this minor issue within days of the election.

     After 360 days of deliberations with countless interventions on behalf of the different contenders and involving all local, regional and rigdewide bodies of the world of monsters, the High Council of Spirts, the Association of Vampires and Werewolves, the Serpent and Slimy Creatures Senate and the lesser bodies finally agree that Count Dready is the rightful king and will be crowned at the occasion of Halloween 2002. It was also decided that the definite loser of the election, Skullandbones will be imprisoned in the deepest dungeon of Dread Manor and banished from public life forever. Skullandbones personally thanked the High Council for the clement sentence, stating that he would enjoy the cold and peaceful atmosphere forever. He only asked for a load of slime from his native territory, the Swamp to accommodate his prison.

A few questions could not be solved by the different Monster Ridge bodies though and the High Council of Spirits once more refers to you, our dear visitors to help decide on these vital minor issues. Please cast your vote for the following two questions, regarding the fate that should be reserved for the two contestants of the election : Aldor Van Archaunt and Zamin Beauregard de Sasson.

Question 1 : What should we do with Aldor Van Archaunt ?

Put him in the second lowest dungeon of Dread Manor, just aside SkullandBones and leave him there at least a hundred years to make sure, he will not disturb King Dready’s reign.

Let him go wherever he wants, provided it is not on Monster Ridge on simple promise that he will not return at least for a hundred years.

Nominate him Ambassador to the Kingdom of Orkland at the Court of King Yarick of Goreburg, to stay in this or other distant countries for at least a hundred years.

Give him the office of Commander in Chief of all Monster Ridge’s armies, two lost spirits and three roaming goblins, where his strong hands will protect instead of fight King dready. 

Aldor Van Archhaunt
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Question 2 : What should we do with Dr Zamin Beauregard de Sasson ?

Put him in a dungeon of Dread Manor, near SkullandBones and maybe Aldor Van Archaunt and leave him there at least three years, after which he will be forgotten anyway and no longer represent a danger to King Dready’s reign.

Let him go wherever he wants, provided it is not on Monster Ridge on simple promise that he will not return for at least three years.

Nominate him Ambassador to the Duchy of Apparence at court of Grand Duke Oliver Vain the Sixth, to stay for at least three years.

Give him the office of Grand Chambellan of Monster Ridge, in charge of ceremonies and feasts, as this is what he can best and satisfies his over-dimensioned ego. 

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