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The Worldwide Web is a great place for monsters, because monsters like to have fun and the Internet is fun before all. Therefore there are plenty of web sites like Monster Ridge, which have been made for fun. Monster Ridge would like to share this myriad of monster web sites with all its visitors and also give an additional opportunity to the creators of these fine monster web sites to get found. That's the motivation of our link pages which we launch with a few links our redactors have found, but which we intend to enrich by the contributions of our visitors and their knowledge about great monster websites on the net.

Our links are categorized along the geography of Monster Ridge, that is Halloween, the Swamp, Transylvania and Dread Manor. Links that do not fit in any of these but still belong to Monster Ridge can be found on this page below.

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Monster Links : Halloween   The Swamp   Transylvania   Dread Manor  

Darken Souls : The site to learn the unknown.
The M.R.S.W.C. (Monster Ridge Spider Web Council) reviewed this site and has the following comments : "This site contains much worthy information about the dark side, notably it presents many of the world's known monsters and mythical creations some of its mysterious places and much more. It also treats the subject of vampires and werewolves. A good place to learn but serious and not for kids. We just had some trouble finding our way through the different frames."
: a directory and serach engine dedicated to horror and halloween 
Browse the Crypt Crawl Horror Web Site Directory 

Procession of the Damned : a sinister procession of demons, bogeymen, and monster legends.

Monster Links :
Halloween   The Swamp   Transylvania   Dread Manor  

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