Monster Ridge : basic rules for utilisation  Monster Ridge : basic rules for utilisation

Monster Ridge : basic rules for utilisation

Use of material displayed on Monster Ridge

Materials displayed on Monster Ridge is available to users under observation of the usual copyright laws and rules. Copyrights either belong to the publisher of the web site or to the authors of given contributions. Republishing without permission is forbidden.

Contributions to Monster Ridge

To make it a rich and entertaining web site, everybody is invited to make individual contributions to Monster Ridge. Such contributions can be stories, reports about interesting events, pictures, links to related web sites, etc. In order to avoid possible problems with the published materials, the following rules apply to all contributions.

  1. Contributions must be personal and free of copyrights from Third Parties. The contributor authorizes the publisher to display his/her contribution and specifies the nature of his/her own copyrights to be attached to the publication. If nothing else is specified, the copyrights follow the same rules as the general use of materials displayed on Monster Ridge. The contributor frees the publisher from any claim by Third Parties regarding copyrights for the materials included in the contribution. 

  2. Contributions must not be infringing laws or offending morality.

  3. The publisher reserves the right to refuse contributions or to modify them with the permission of the contributor. The publisher also reserves the right to remove contributions at any time.

  4. Contributions are free and do not entitle the contributor to any kind of remuneration. 

  5. Publishing services are also free and do not entitle the publisher to any remuneration from the contributor. Publishing may be halted any time at the sole discretion of the publisher without any indemnity being due in such case to the contributor.


Monster Ridge needs sponsoring by its advertisers to pay for web space and webmastership. The publisher thus reserves the right to sell advertising space in the foreseen banners. 

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