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The Medal
A contribution from
Kenzie Reynolds

Lee’s Hill South in Fredericksburg, VA. The battlefield of the Civil War itself. It was Halloween of 1997, I was 13 when something unexplainable happened to me and my friend Amy. Amy and I were going out for the night to scare the crap out of other kids. We wore Michael Myers costumes that we made ourselves. Michael Myers is our favorite murderer and his movies are our favorite series, too. Our friends would tell us how creepy we looked when we stared at them, b/c the masks we wore had no expression. No smile, nor a frown. But that was pretty cool to us. We were having a blast. Practically scaring every single person in the neighborhood. We were on our way home. It was really dark now and quiet. Everybody on our street had already gone to bed for the night. It was 9:30pm. As we walked down the steep hill to my house, something white caught my eye. I looked to my right towards the pond near my house. In the woods that stood beyond the ponds’ shore, I noticed someone running, as if running from an enemy. Amy and I quickly ran into the woods and followed behind. It was a young boy, about our age. He was wearing clothes from the 1700’s. I guess it was his Halloween costume. He stopped to catch his breath, but Amy and I kept our distance at about 10ft. or so away and crouched down behind and old fallen tree. The boy was wearing a medal around his neck, and had something cradled in his left arm. He jumped up and quickly looked behind him as if to see if he was still being followed. His right arm was drenched in blood. Fake blood we thought. And then he looked down at his left arm and smiled. He spoke to whatever was in his arm in an accent, like English. “I have got to get you to mother before the Red Coats find us again.” Then we heard a baby cry. That’s what he was holding…a baby. But why would he be carrying around a baby in the middle of the night on Halloween? I smiled. “Must be one hell of a Halloween freak. He’s really into his Halloween character. Even talks like someone from the 1700’s.” The boy looked up again and his eyes widened. And then he began to run again. We looked back, too, and saw nothing. But we did hear something. Drums. And gunshots. We got up and ran after the boy again. We heard dogs barking now. The boy ran up a hill, his medal breaking away from his neck as he ran. He didn’t stop to come back for it. As soon as he was over the ridge, we heard another gunshot that seemed much louder and closer by. Then silence. No drums, no gunshots, no dogs. We ran up the hill to retrieve the boys’ medal. It was gone. The boy was gone too. We couldn’t find him anywhere. It was really late now, and Amy and I were in the middle of the woods. We ran out of there as fast as we could. We were so scared and confused about what had happened. The next day, Amy and I went back into the woods, and went back to the same area where the boy was last seen. The only thing that remained was a mound of dirt. There were mounds of dirt everywhere in the woods. My father had told me once, that they were the graves of soldiers who died during the Civil War. I walked around it once and noticed something shiny that was exposed a little in the dirt. I dug into the dirt just enough to pull whatever it was out. I lifted it into the air and brushed off the access dirt that remained on the object. “Messenger of Robert E. Lee,” was engraved on the object. It was a medal….

By Kenzie Reynolds


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