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Lucas Carol and the Necromancer
A contribution from D.C.Shouter / 10-31-2005

The figure below made strange incantations and moved its tall body in all directions, as if dancing to a strange ritual. The cold stonewalls echoed and amplified the incantations until they turned into a mysterious and worrisome concert.

Chris whispered : “What creature is this ? And what is it doing ?”.
“He’s a necromancer” replied Lucas in his lowest pitched voice.
“Eh. What kind of a dancer ?”, Chris asked, raising his voice.
Lucas hissed back : “Shht. Not a dancer. A necromancer. And he is dangerous.”

“He’s a sorcerer. One who awakes the dead.” Jenny explained.
“Oh Shit …No!” said Chris. Then after a while he added : “Ok. Let’s move on. We’ve got to enter this place.”

This was Chris Thomcast. The prospect of facing a dangerous necromancer in a world were the shadows reigned and lengthened every day was certainly not lost on his mind. Yet his heart was in command now. And it was a brave heart. He knew as well as the others that the adventure on which they had embarked was real and deadly dangerous. But he also knew that there was no other way out, than advance on the path they had taken eleven days before. And if this path would lead them into the lair of a sorcerer, he was still ready to take it and fight with all his strength to get them out of this mess.

It was fortunate that Chris was there to move them on. With all their much deeper knowledge about sorcerers and the undead, Lucas and Jenny would never have found the courage to enter the cave and their adventure might well have ended at that stage. Moreover, and they did not know it then, the incantations and their echoes also served to spin a web of sound waves, the sorcerer could use to detect trespassers. Every word they said, no matter how softly whispered, disturbed the rhythm of the incantations and was inexorably brought back to his ears. It was only a matter of time until he would discover and send out his army of ghosts after them.

On they went, into the small black hole they had spotted minutes before.

By D.C.Shouter


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