The swamp of Monster Ridge

Where water stinks
and slimy snakelike creatures crawl;
where warm moisture chokes your voice;
no screams, just smothered moans
escape this dark and dreadful
A colony of pirates has ventured there,
to hide from the Crown.
They are still confined,
whereas the Crown has long since lost its grip.

The swamp : dangerous creatures and pirates
Monster Ridge : 

Count Dready about The Swamp

Count Dready about The Swamp

Oh I don't recommend that one.
It's wet and slimy,
and there are weird and dangerous
creatures in it,
and then the pirates, who made The 
their living grounds. Uugh 

Well, if you know such creatures,
or stories about them, 
they may well feel at home in 
The Swamp.


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Monster Ridge : 

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