Have you seen enough books and movies for sale on Internet ?  Then look at these unique interior decoration items. Ever seen anything alike ?  "The Vault" now presents you exclusive wrought iron and mouth-blown glass lamps and lights as well as unique handwoven or knotted rugs marketed by our sponsor RAKEN. The only place you'll find them on the web.  

Merlin Tower 

Bull's eye 
(ceiling light)


  He who is the master of our spells has made it a long, long time ago : Hi Merlin
Table lamp / abt. 1' high

It shines from the top and lits a spot,
 and your spirits too : the Bull's Eye
Ceiling light / abt 1' 4"(h) x 8" (w) 


Merlin Hat 
(bedside lamps)

 Merlin Hat
(wall lights)


  Put Merlin hats on your bedsides and enjoy the romantic feeling they provide 
Set of two bedside lamps / 8" high

Another use for Merlin’s hat. Nice looking in a corridor or under a porch.
Set of two wall lights / 9" high


Eye on Fire

Eye on Fire 


  Some say it holds bad spirits away.
All agree it just looks great. Whow
Lamp / 2' 11" high / w. pâte de verre

A little less powerful against the spirits, but still a very nice decoration object.
Candleholder or statue / 1' 4" high 

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Note : The motvational texts above are just romantic interpretations by the authors of this web page and do not reflect any specific belief in paranormal activities or phenomenons. The pictured objects are just nice handcrafted decorative objects. The apparition in their relation of a paranormal phenomenon would by pure chance ;-) 

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