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  Welcome to Monster Ridge - the secret place where monsters hide and wait for Halloween, the night they all appear to dance and feast in joy.

Extract of "Lucas Carol and the Necromancer"
By D.C. Shouter / Halloween 2005  

"The Vault" now
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 glass lamps and 
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Halloween  Customs  Recipes  Spells    Paperback
Lords Of Magic Special Edition
House on Haunted Hill (1999)   DVD


Halloween 2001 :
The New King                                            
 Halloween 2001 :
Find out what kind of monster you are


Count Dready the guide of Monster Ridge


Hi, I'm Count Dready.
They chose me to guide you through Monster Ridge.
They say, I 'm less scary than the other characters.
They always make fun of me...

OK. Anyway. Here's to the four places at Monster Ridge
you can visit anytime you dare.



You must know this one.
For kids it's great, they get a lot of sweets.
For adults it's scary, with Michael
Myers looming in the dark.
Many great parties are celebrated,
some people disappear, 
they get lost on Monster Ridge.

Everything related to Halloween
and free spirits belongs there.


Halloween's spirit

The swamp full with pirates and dangerous creatures.

The Swamp

Oh I don't recommend that one.
It's wet and slimy,
and there are weird and dangerous
creatures in it,
and then the pirates, who made The 
their living grounds. Uugh 

Well, if you know such creatures,
or stories about them, 
they may well feel at home in 
The Swamp.



Hey, that's where I come from.
Count Dracula lived in Transylvania long ago, some say he's still alive.
Then there are my uncles and
aunts, all well renowned vampires.
And of course our pets,
the werewolves.

That's what Transylvania's
all about,
vampires and werewolves,
and the like.


Count Dracula  and his pets : the werewolves

Dread manor, haunted castles and ghosts

Dread Manor

Have you ever visited a haunted
castle ?
Now, Dread Manor is just such a 
One would think that all haunted 
vaults are gathered there.
I always liked to roam its dark
corridors and play in the deep dungeons.

All about haunted houses, 
dungeons and spirits living there,
belongs to Dread Manor.


Monster Ridge :

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