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When we founded RAKEN, we started an e-business from a new perspective. A second generation Internet startup, we sought for market niches in the bridging of cultures, which is what Internet does best.

From our background experience in North African and Arabian countries, we knew the riches and diversity of Mediterranean, Arab and African cultures, its arts and crafts and historic places.

Originally a Swiss company, we selected Tunisia as the hub for our e-business activities both for its position at the crossroads of Mediterranean, Arab and African cultures and for its emphasis to make e-commerce and Internet the platform to its further development. This pioneering attitude assures us direct access to unique handcrafted decoration objects in an evolutive economic environment favourable to e-commerce.

Mr Rashid Daniel Menebhi 
managing director of RAKEN

Our RAKEN Style collection contains a vast selection of Tunisian and Moroccan carpets and tapestries, ceramics and pottery as well as wrought iron and mouth-blown glass lightings, Tuareg jewellery, hand-painted wood objects and more. To further improve our personalised services, we have launched the Collectors Corner, where we seek products on special customer request.

Through RAKEN Retailer, we sell to specialised shops and interior decorators, enabling them to request quotes and order online, much in the same way as our direct customers. We now have registered retailers in Europe, North and South America.

The RAKEN team 
with  the Oscarweb 2000 gold trophy

With our e-commerce platform thus established, we will continuously expand our product range, following the wishes of our customers and seeking our inspiration in more Mediterranean, Arab and African countries.

Thereby we will also continue to emphasize on our other activities : our virtual RAKEN Art gallery, our projected special tour operator RAKEN Travel, for cultural and adventure trips to Mediterranean, African and Arab countries, as well as our web site development unit RAKEN Services.

We hope thereby to offer you an enriching experience and invite you to explore www.raken.com and find its treasures. Have a nice visit.


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