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The following is a list of answers to the most frequently asked qustions concerning RAKEN, we received by e-mail so far. This will be periodically updated. If you have a question about RAKEN, please ask us with an e-mail on info@raken.com


QUESTION : Why is there no English version of the RAKEN web site. You do not expect us to learn German, do you ?

ANSWER : Of course not. RAKEN is actually fully available in three languages English, French and German, with the exception of our theme sites "Monster Ridge" and "A classification of American Wealth" which are available only in English. On every page in the RAKEN web site you will find the language buttons D (Deutsch = German), E (English) and F (Francais = French). These buttons allow you to switch from one language to another. We are testing a version where these buttons are replaced by round flags. It affects the design, but if it is easier to use for our visitors, we will adopt it.


QUESTION : I like the RAKEN products but the ordering process is complicated. Why do I have to make a request for quote first, to be able to order only after you confirm your offer ? Direct ordering would be much quicker and easier.

ANSWER : RAKEN is a very specialised web site. The decoration objects we feature are handcrafted and available in limited quantities only. Delivery times vary according to the situation of our suppliers. We now have over 300 products in many variations in our regular RAKEN Style collection. We make deliveries worldwide, to places we sometimes never heard before. When we confirm our offer, we also give our customers a choice of the fastest and most affordable delivery options, according their locations. Our approach permits a very personalised treatment of our customers' needs and generally allows them to carefully make their shopping decision. We are currently testing a direct shopping version for some selected products with reliable standard delivery times. This may be introduced early next year.


QUESTION : Your web site allows me to view your prices in various currencies. Default seems to be the Euro. But when I order and pay by credit card, the amount charged is converted in US Dollars. Why is this ? What exchange rates are applied ?

ANSWER : As stated on our web site, the display of our prices in various currencies is mainly for our customers information. We update our currencies once a week. Our offers are based on the currency exchange rate of our web site at the time of the original customer request. The offers are valid one week. If we extend them, we generally adjust the currency exchange rate. The US Dollar setting at the end of the ordering process is imposed by our external payment server E-TIJARA, which so far can handle only US Dollar payments. They are working on this so that payments in the actual currency of the order will be possible.


QUESTION : I tried to increase the number of items in the shopping basket, but when I go on shopping or proceed to the request form, the number always comes back to 1. How does this work ?

ANSWER : There is a button and text link "Actualise" to recalculate the basket once you have changed a quantity. You can also just press enter, before you go on. We are working on this issue and the basket will be reprogrammed to actualise automatically, prior to proceeding to the request form.


QUESTION : You are selling very nice but also fragile items, like potteries and mouth-blown glass items. What happens when they break during the transportation ?

ANSWER : We are well aware of this issue and we do our best to package our goods in a way they will not break during transportation. Unfortunately, we cannot control the transportation and delivery process to the end, and breakage is still possible. Our policy regarding breakage is therefore very simple. If you receive broken or damaged products, just send us an e-mail and attach a picture of the broken items. We will replace them at no cost to you. (In case of a large delivery, by air freight with insurance, we will also ask you to make a declaration concerning the breakage. This is to support our claim against the airline or the insurance company).


QUESTION : What kind of travel will you offer with RAKEN Travel and when will it be available ?

ANSWER : RAKEN Travel is set to propose cultural and adventure trips in the countries RAKEN is active. We will start with Morocco, where we expect to propose cultural roundtrips to the Imperial Cities and the Kasbahs as well as adventure excursions in the Atlas Mountains and possibly in the desert. The launch of RAKEN Travel is delayed because the RAKEN team has been very busy extending RAKEN Style and its new features, the Collection Corner, RAKEN Retailer and the Custom Crafted section therein. The programming of meaningful cultural trips and adventure travel needs close attention of our management.

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