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RAKEN Style features an on-line catalog with now over 900 products, decoration objects from Tunisia, Morocco and other Mediterranean, African or Arabic countries. 

Carpets and tapestries

The RAKEN Style collection comprises numerous weavings in the following categories:

                Tapestries from Gafsa
               Tapestries from Tataouine
                Tunisian fine carpets 
               Berber carpets 
               Modern Kilims
  Ouedhref rugs
  Various weavings  

Modern Kilims, mergoums, berber carpets, tunisian fine carpets, tapestries from Tataouine, tapestries from Gafsa, oudherf rugs, and various weavings.

Historic background of carpet manufacturing and tapestry in Tunisia

wrought iron and glass

Table lamps, Standing lamps, ceiling lights, wall sconces and curios with wrought iron and glass
Historic background of wrought iron and glass crafts in Tunisia

In our collection of handcrafted wrought iron and glass decoration objects we offer an extensive range of :

  Table lamps
  Standing lamps
  Ceiling lights  
  Wall lights

Artisan glass blowing in Tunisia : the making of a Minaret light


In our RAKEN Style collection, we now also propose a number of copper artisan works as follows :

           Copper lamps
 Copper tray
            Copper table
            The waterpipes 

The Sheesha user's guide

Copper lamps, Copper trays, Copper tables, Water-pipes


Lamps with leather, Knapsack, leather hassocks and leather saddle

In our RAKEN Style collection, we now also propose a number of leather artisan works as follows :

  Lamps with leather
  Leather hassocks
  Hamel Collection 
  Jewellery box
  Leather saddle


In our RAKEN Style collection, we now also propose a number of wooden artisan works as follows :

      Jewel Cases
 Tea Trays
Mirrors with ceramic motives
             Pastel lamp stands
              Pastel mirrors

Pastel mirror, mirrors with ceramic motives, pastel lamp stands, jewel cases and wooden tea trays

Ceramics and pottery

Flat vases, Round vases, high vases, long vases and incrusted potteries
Historic background of ceramics
and pottery in Tunisia

In the family of ceramics and pottery the RAKEN Style collection includes several types of vases as well as ceramic inlaid wooden mirrors:

Flat vases
  Round vases
              High Vases
              Long Vases
              Incrusted potteries


We also feature authentic Turaeg and other silver jewellery :



Turaeg necklaces and bracelets

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