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RAKEN Shopping Coupons

Dear customers and visitors.

RAKEN shopping coupons are becoming increasingly popular and spread among more and more RAKEN visitors and customers as a result of our recent marketing campaigns involving such coupons. We have therefore created this page to inform you on how you can get or give away a RAKEN Shopping Coupon and how you can use it.

How to get or give a RAKEN Shopping Coupon

RAKEN Shopping Coupons cannot be bought. They are available as a gift from RAKEN Trading in the frame of one of our marketing campaigns. There are several ways you can get or give a RAKEN Shopping Coupon :


Get a RAKEN Shopping Coupon by filling a RAKEN Feedback Form : This special action is now a permanent way to get a shopping coupon from RAKEN.


Get a RAKEN Shopping Coupon for yourself by recommending RAKEN to three of your friends : Summer Special Action.


Give a RAKEN Shopping Coupon to one of your friends : Christmas Special Action


Win a RAKEN Shopping Coupon as a prize when participating in the RAKEN Contest « FIND and WIN a GIFT ». (RAKEN Shopping Coupons are offered to all participants who do not win a another prize.


Get a RAKEN Shopping Coupon when buying a product from RAKEN or from another member of the Tunisia E-Commerce Community of merchants. These coupons are printed and come along with your RAKEN package or are contained in our partner’s packages during a marketing campaign.

Presently active : series m - valid through December 31, 2003.


Otherwise you may get a RAKEN Shopping Coupon as a special discount or reimbursement related to a specific order.

How to use a RAKEN Shopping Coupon

You may use your RAKEN Shopping Coupon for a purchase at RAKEN Style until the end of its validity period.

RAKEN Shopping Coupons are valid on all RAKEN Style products, including products already under promotion.

To use the coupon, you just mention its number in the comment field of your enquiry. The amount of the coupon will de deducted from the price of goods in our offer. RAKEN Shopping coupons cannot be used for the payment of shipping charges.

The coupon may be transferred but can only be used once, the time of first presentation being the cutoff. A customer (address) may only use one coupon for a purchase. The coupons may not be cumulated with other RAKEN coupons or credit notes.


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