eb Marketing 

Once your website is finished and tested, we can assist you to launch it on the worldwide web. Depending on whether your website is purely informative or commercial and destined to a narrow or a wide public, will clearly influence this launch. 

Generally speaking, the launch of a web site is a process rather than a punctual event. It starts with a marketing conscious web conception, runs through the announcement to search engines, web directories and other Internet resources and it really never ends. 

At RAKEN, our experience with web marketing naturally flows into the development process of your web site.We structure texts, adjust titles, descriptions and other meta tags, optimise pictures and graphics, all in a way as to facilitate both, the access of robot search engines and the fast and easy navigation of your visitors within your site. 

We now also offer you our web marketing services. Depending on your needs and budget, we plan and execute your marketing campaigns on Internet, proposing you adequate ways to promote your web site and executing the campaign according to your choices. If you are interested in these highly personalised marketing services, please contact us at services@raken.com and specify your needs.

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