SAMPLES of web sites designed 
and engineered by RAKEN

The following samples should give you an idea about our experience and capabilities as web designers and programmers.
>> Static web sites  
Dynamic web sites 


RAKEN received the
Gold trophy for the 
best e-commerce site
at the 
Osc@rweb2000 contest

Web sites for company presentations and information display

Sourire et Lumière

Personalised web site for the presentation of a photo and video support agency and organizer of seminaries in Tunisia. Picture collection.

The SOS Tunisia web site was designed by the RAKEN web development team as a present to help the association promote its worthy cause.

At the Tanitweb 2001 contest of the best Tunisian web sites, the SOS Tunisia web site, which ran under the category civil associations, won
«The Gold Tanit ». 
Relookage of a personalised  web  site for a Swiss company of  funeral  directors. Static HTML   with  some   ASP  programming  for product display pages, without the use of a database.
New website for the Egli group, following the webdesign of  the  subsidiary  in  Berne  but using  different  colours  to  express  both, group identity and individual character of the firm.
Personalised   web  site  for  an  investment advisor according to a pre-set design. HTML programming, translation and web adaptation of graphics.

A Classification of American Wealth
Restructuring of an online book for easier navigation and  dynamic  management of banner space for affiliation programs.
Partially dynamic web site for the presentation of a cable internet provider in the region of Berne,  Switzerland.  Introductory   texts, banners and a link page are managed by a dynamic  administrative  module 
(see there)

RAKEN Travel
Personalised   web  site  for  the   projected RAKEN touroperator. This web site will later be extended  to  include  dynamic  content and an e-commerce part.

Standard web  site for  presentation  of  an
 electrical engineering company in Tunisia.
Static web site for introduction and presentation of the mortuary services 
of the Insel hospital at Berne, Switzerland

Monster Ridge
A theme site about  monsters  and  the like. Graphic style study in  black  and  red, with integrated banners and a thematic affiliation program with ASP programming allows site  monitoring  and  promotion  space management.


 Dynamic web sites for e-commerce or administrative interfaces


Complete  E-commerce  web  site  with presentation galleries, online catalog with over 400 products, shopping basket function, request  form, offer  and  ordering  procedure with the use of an  external  payment server.

RAKEN also features a  BtoB  module  for his retailing customers, using the same database and allowing the management of personalized retailer accounts with different conditions.

E-commerce web site for an online art gallery with the  possibility  to  browse  a  catalog or view paintings in a gallery  with  various  light effects.

An e-auction module for RAKEN Art is delayed for institutional reasons.

Administrative interface for the management of  the  ZAPP  Online  web  site, including dynamic text fields, banners and links.


Administrative interface for RAKEN allowing editing and management of offers, customer profiles,  mailing  lists, feedback  forms and other functions for three RAKEN E-Commerce websites.

Encyclopedia of American Wealth
Online encyclopedia section of the famous theme  site,  includes  dynamic   wealth classification lists and profiles with cross references.

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