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They are part of the Arab Way of Life. Leather hassocks are typically Arab furniture items, traditionally used to seat people around the low tables, as they exist in tents. Nowadays, they adorn the living rooms of Arab and Western households likewise, where they are used as stools or sometimes leg-rests. We offer a variety of oriental leather hassocks in various forms and colors. To optimize delivery costs, these leather hassocks are unfilled.

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Small single colored leather pouf
Ref : LHM221g

Square single colored leather pouf
Ref : LHM224v

Single colored leather pouf high
Ref : LHM225o

Embroidered leather hassock square
Ref : LHM234r

Embroidered leather hassock high
Ref : LHM235n

Embroidered leather hassock large
Ref : LHM237b

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