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RAKEN Style now also offers you a few curios handcrafted in artisan workshops which perform traditional glass blowing techniques. The different models are available in numerous colours for both the wrought iron and the mouth-blown glass. We have indexed the most usual combinations here. Other colours are available on special request.

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Candleholder Khlala
Ref : LF501bb

Candleholder Khlala with Merlin Bowl
Ref : LF502k

Candleholder  Tulip
Ref : LF504ef

Figurine Shaba the African
Ref : LF511ca

Figurine Shaba with gazelle horn
Ref : LF512fa

Figurine Shaba with pitcher
Ref : LF513ff

Figurine Eye on fire
Ref : LF520ba

Candleholder  Eye on Fire
Ref : LF521ed

Candleholder  Aladin  high
Ref : LF532ea

Candleholder  Aladin  high
Ref : LF532si

Candleholder Merlin Bowl
Ref : LF540k

Candleholder  African 1   ( for 1 candle)
Ref : LF581e

Candleholder  African 2   ( for 2 candle)
Ref : LF582e

Candleholder  African 3 - sitting
Ref : LF583eg

Candleholder  African 4 - sitting / variation
Ref : LF584eg

Candleholder  African 5 - sitting wih drum
Ref : LF585ea

Candleholder  Chinese 1  ( for 1 candle )
Ref : LF591e

Candleholder  S
Ref : LF601dd

Candleholder  S2
Ref : LF602ec

Christmas Tree - 21 glasses
Ref : LF608

Candleholder  W
Ref : LF611e

Candleholder  Capella
Ref : LF612j

Candleholder  Cup
Ref : LF615b

Candleholder  Grail
Ref : LF616f

Candleholder  Jar  on display
Ref : LF625

Photophoric Bowl
Ref : LF640g

Candleholder photophoric cup
Ref : LF643b

Candleholder  Damaa
Ref : LF651df

Hanging Candleholder  Damaa
Ref : LF652do

Candleholder  Drum on Strut
Ref : LF655c

Candleholder  Concertina on Strut
Ref : LF658c

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