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Table lamp  Fnar  with glass mosaic
Ref : CLF418-MXcg

Table lamp  Lotus  with pāte de verre
Ref : CLF425-Xeg

Table lamp  Shaba  with Ostrich Egg - variation
Ref : CLF441

Desk lamp   Sharazade
Ref : CLF490o

Table lamp   Fitr - Mushroom
Ref : CLF404-Xo

Table lamp  Gaius
Ref : CLF406-Xa

Desk lamp  Dollar  with pāte de verre
Ref : CLF480-Xee

Desk lamp  Torch Bearer  with pāte de verre
Ref : CLF476-Xee

Table lamp  Shaba with hat  - pāte de verre
Ref : CLF432-Xee

Table lamp  Vine  with Pate de Verre
Ref : CLF464-Xee

Table lamp  Shaba with Horn  - pāte de verre
Ref : CLF435-Xco

Table lamp   Carthage
Ref : CLF402ef

Table lamp  Dolphin  with pāte de verre
Ref : CLF411-Xee

Table lamp  The cat
Ref : CLF414

Table lamp   Elephant   with Pāte de Verre
Ref : CLF415-Xe

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