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You bought a water pipe at www.raken.com Congratulations for your choice. This notice should help you use it.

                          Use your water pipe as a decoration object 
This is easy and needs no users guide. Just assemble the components according to the picture below. To fix the stem to the glass jar, you may use the plastic seam which is included.

   Use your water pipe to smoke
Fill the glass jar with water so that the stem is immersed by about an inch. Leave enough air to circulate.
Assemble the water pipe as pictured right, but using seams made of paper instead of plastic (Plastic seams are not appropriated if you use your water pipe to smoke). Make sure all parts air could get in are tight, except of course the opening in the tobacco holder and the pipe. Use paper as seams.
Remove the cover (4) and spread the tobacco on the tobacco holder (3). If you use molasses, cover them with a pierced aluminium sheet.
Heat the charcoals until they are red. Use the clamp (6) to place the charcoal at the periphery of the tobacco (not in the middle). Replace the cover.
You can now relax and smoke your sheesha like a pipe, taking a puff from time to time and avoiding to swallow the smoke, if you are not used to it.

As with all pleasures, the wise man recommends to avoid excess. Salam


Note : You should wash your water pipe prior to the first use and regularly thereafter. You may use small bottle-brushes to wash the jar, the inside of the stem and the extremities of the pipe.

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