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The RAKEN Shopping Process

RAKEN Trading features a large number of handcrafted or unique items in its RAKEN Style and RAKEN Art collections. Given their large number and the nature of our goods and operations, we cannot hold them in stock in large quantities. Unique items like original paints or unique artisan creations are also marketed by their creators through other channels. It is thus possible that a certain work has already been sold when a customer enquiry reaches RAKEN

RAKEN Trading is located in Tunis, Tunisia and some of our suppliers may ship goods from other countries; the choice of the best possible shipping option can therefore not be programmed in advance. Shipping options actually depend on the customer's location, the nature of the requested goods, the size of the order. 

In order to optimise all these factors and to avoid disappointment to our customers, we have opted for an ordering system in two steps, whereas in the first step a customer order is treated as a request for quote.

Important notice : Requesting a quote is FREE and in NO WAY binding for the user.

 Rebates on quantity

Whenever you order several items at RAKEN, you may get a rebate on quantity and/or an upgrade of your delivery modus. Our rebates depend on the selected products, the quantities and the best applicable delivery modus. These rebates may be quite important, specially in cases where the delivery modus air freight with Tunisair is possible.

To know the magnitude of your rebate, please request your quote normally, selecting the products you desire using the RAKEN shopping cart system and the subsequent request quote form. We will make you and offer accordingly.

If you desire to add onto an already confirmed order, to benefit of the rebate on quantity, please write this into the comment field of your request, also indicating the number and date of your initial order. We will try to combine your orders in a way as to get you the best possible rebate on quantity.

  Payment options

RAKEN Trading accepts Visa and MasterCard payments for orders up to a total value equivalent to 1000 Euro; for orders exceeding this amount we will request advance payment by bank transfer. Other payment options may be proposed to our retailers and regular customers.


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